Meet the Doctor

Dr. Brad Norman

It wasn’t until his 2nd year at the University of Western Ontario when Dr. Brad learned about chiropractic.  You see, up to this point he had been searching for the truth and for what was right.  Along the way, he started to understand people don’t get sick because of a lack of a chemical or drug in their body – he knew his Mom didn’t’ get migraines because of too little Tylenol, so when some friends from school invited him to check out a talk about chiropractic, it really spoke to him!

As he learned what chiropractic was and how much it helped people (his Mom started seeing a chiropractor in Barrie, who cured her of her longstanding migraines), he wanted in.  So, with a renewed vision for his life, he decided to chase after the dream of becoming a chiropractor.

Fast forward to today – Dr. Brad decided along the way to learn Gonstead Chiropractic – by being intentional and delivering highly specific adjustments to the spine, Dr. Brad watched as Gonstead chiropractors were able to create amazing results in their patients lives.  Wanting the best for his own patients (including his family and you!), he pursued his studies and became a skilled Gonstead chiropractor.

“Everyday I go into New Life looking forward to serving and inspiring you, our patients and our community with our amazing team here, and specific, scientific, brilliant chiropractic care!”