Amazing things are going to be happening here at New Life this year, starting with people that New Lifer’s have referred in. Many of these people have suffered from very serious conditions. These conditions are not only stealing away their quality of life, but the underlying cause could have and would have eventually stolen their life completely. One thing that really blows our minds is that for some of the people who have the most serious health issues – the person who referred them in didn’t even know about it, they had no idea what they were going through. So when we say to send people in here so we can help to change their lives and save their lives – we mean it!

Here is the starting point for some of the people whose lives have radically changed:

Patient #1 is taking heavy medications for cluster headaches, he can’t eat dinner or spend time with his wife because he is in extreme pain for up to an hour at a time, and it happens 2 or 3 times every evening. (Cluster headaches are gone!)

Patient #2 was in so much pain the day prior to her initial appointment that she spent the day in bed, she takes morphine and other drugs for her pain. (She is off the morphine!)

Patient #3 has suffered from major depression and migraines for most of his life.

(No more migraines & loving life!)

Patient #4 has major spinal pain and constipation and was told by their MD that their organs were shutting down and there was nothing that could be done for them. (No more backups & getting his life back!)

Patient#5 was barely able to walk into the clinic and thought that they would be in a wheelchair in the near future. (This patient already feels 70% better!)

There are lots of other people, including many of you, whose lives are being destroyed by spinal subluxation putting choking pressure on their spinal cord. That is also going to change for them too. We know many of you have come with serious doubts (based on passed experiences) you can be helped, but it’s true – all 5 of these patients had doubts just like you.

So far 2022 had been an awesome year of life change and movement to restored health. However, there are many people out there, people you know, that have not made it in here. People who need a miracle, and need someone just like you to tell them there is better. As a patient of this clinic, our hope is that you will give someone the chance to get help, and that you will be constantly on the look out for people who need to be here. And, when you find them… you’ll have a brand new Compassion Card to give them.

It’s Compassion Week, so you will be armed and ready!

Help us to help them – God bless you,

Dr. Brad and the New Life Team

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Dr. Brad Norman

Dr. Brad Norman

Dr. Brad Norman, D.C., is a seasoned chiropractic practitioner and the insightful voice behind New Life Chiropractor's blog. With a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Western University, Dr. Norman combines deep expertise with a passion for holistic wellness. Proudly serving the community since 2002, Dr. Norman and the New Life Chiropractic clinic continue to be beacons of health and education for their patients, guiding them to a more vibrant and pain-free life.