The best in the world are those who absolutely love what they are doing. The enjoyment of a career is not a perk; it’s an essential ingredient in winning. People want to see that passion in a leader; it’s inspiring to think that all this commitment and energy are behind you and your success. they can’t fake their love of ‘the game’; it’s there or it’s not. If a leader enjoys leading people to success, you will see them give it all they’ve got. If not then find another leader.
Ken Blanchard – Author of The One Minute Manager

One who has mastered the art of living simply purses his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing.
James Michener

Ken Blanchard goes on to explain that these type of leaders/coaches/professionals loose track of time when they are doing their job.  They have a desire and mission to make a difference in other people’s lives.  The distinction between a career and a calling is more of an idea than a reality, since both require physical and mental energy. Work is thought of as something you have to do, while play is something you choose to do.

I find myself more and more these days wanting to be around people who are passionate about what they are doing.  The opposite is also true, I mean who feels lifted up after checking out at the grocery store at a cashier who is slightly colder and less personal than the machine in the self check-out line.  It lifts me up and encourages me to be all that I can be when I am around the right people.  I want to be more like them!  I’ll give you an example.  About a year ago I decided to get a haircut from a place just around the corner.  No one had referred me, so I went in just hoping for a decent haircut.  After watching someone who truly loved his work, I left 15 minutes later feeling inspired.  So much so, that I had Natacha book our sons in for a cut.  Before their appointment I gave them one specific instruction, “Watch Louis and you’ll see someone who is truly passionate and loves what he is doing.”  I told them, “This is what you want for your life.”  When they came home, you could see the point had hit home – they were inspired.

We have chosen to be chiropractors in this city because of a calling on our lives. It is to help transform your life into what God really wants for you.  A great and purposeful life full of an abundance of health!

This week we are totally excited to be moving to our new place.  Why?  Because we know it is a place where amazing things are going to happen.  I know it is more convenient for some and less for others (and I sincerely apologize if this is you), but part of the excitement is that it is set up to serve you in the best way possible.  Everything may not be fully complete next week, but the new place will have room for 3 or more chiropractors, digital x-ray, 2 awesome kids areas, tv’s and the call system set up to make things super easy.  I’m even getting something I’ve wanted for a very long time – a special table, just for kids!

We are so excited to continue to encourage, inspire, motivate and adjust you to help you achieve your greatest potential.  God Bless!

Dr. Brad, Dr. Paul and the New Life Team

Dr. Brad Norman

Dr. Brad Norman

Dr. Brad Norman, D.C., is a seasoned chiropractic practitioner and the insightful voice behind New Life Chiropractor's blog. With a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Western University, Dr. Norman combines deep expertise with a passion for holistic wellness. Proudly serving the community since 2002, Dr. Norman and the New Life Chiropractic clinic continue to be beacons of health and education for their patients, guiding them to a more vibrant and pain-free life.