Lower Back Pain Treatment

Help with lower back pain in Barrie

Over 80% of people in Canada will suffer debilitating lower back pain sometime in their life. Episodes can last weeks, months, even years. Preventing an episode of lower back pain before it happens is far better than dealing with the consequences later.

Person sitting in front of laptop holding their lower back in pain

What are the warning signs of lower back pain?

  • Muscle spasms in your back, or legs
  • Stiffness and an aching feeling
  • A locking or catching pain
  • Pain or numbness radiating into the legs or feet
  • Hip pain, knee pain and ankle or foot pain
  • Weakness or giving way of the legs
  • Something just doesn’t feel right with your body

What causes lower back pain?

Misalignments of the spine and pelvis caused by things like slips, falls, difficult or bad lifts, bad posture and prolonged sitting cause an increased rate of damage to occur in the discs and joints of the lower back. When you feel pain, it is your body saying, “something is wrong!” Not only that, but the spinal cord travelling through the lower back controls power to you lower abdominal organs (large intestine, kidneys, bladder, prostate in men and uterus in women), and to your legs. This is why so many people with ongoing lower back problems end up with numbness, weakness and dysfunction in the legs! Weakness in the legs is the number one reason why people go into nursing homes!

How we treat lower back pain in Barrie, Ontario

At New Life Chiropractic, in Barrie Ontario, we have been treating lower back pain with very high effectiveness for over 20 years. We employ a very specific and scientific method called the Gonstead Adjustment technique. The focus of this technique is to be as specific and precise as possible during an adjustment, by focusing only on the problem area (areas of “vertebral subluxation”). We take great care to ensure a bio-mechanically correct position during treatment.

At our clinic, we also use spinal reconstructive exercise and cutting-edge functional neuro exercises to allow a permanent correction to the spine. The combination of these three allows us to see exceptional long term and even permanent corrective change.

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