Momentum: The measure of the difficulty of bringing a moving body to a halt.

As we all know the office has been closed lately due to the holidays.  There are many circumstances that can interrupt the momentum of your spinal correction – our holidays, your holidays, leaving town to care for sick loved ones or a change in work schedule just to name a few.
Understanding that interruptions to your care program are sometimes inevitable is being realistic. However, there are a number of different strategies that have been proven to minimize the loss of momentum in correcting your spine and producing the results that we all want to see on your next x-ray.
First and foremost, make sure that the adjustments that you miss are re-scheduled as “extra” adjustments the weeks before and after the closure.
For example, if you are at a frequency of 3 adjustments per week and will be missing 3 adjustments during a one week office closure, the girls will schedule 4 adjustments the week before we close and 4 adjustments the 2 weeks after to maintain your frequency of 3 times per week as well as make up the 3 adjustments you will be missing.
That is why notifying Mary in advance if you are going to be away is so important.  They can help you make up missed appointments before they happen and maintain momentum during an absence.
Secondly, if you are at a point in your program where you have started spinal reconstructive exercises, doing your exercises every day will allow you to maximize the benefit of your adjustments and hold them longer in the event of an interruption in your care.
Finally, I want you to know that momentum is also a product of how long you have been under care.  We have practice members who are on wellness programs and have been getting adjusted every week for the last 9 years.  An object in motion tends to stay in motion. That means if we have got you moving in the right direction, chances are you are going to continue moving in that direction even if you take your foot off the gas for a week or two.


Dr. Brad