On your first visit to the office we will go through a discovery process with you, to determine the source of your health concerns.

This will include:

  1. A detailed health history with our exam specialist.
  2. A thorough spinal examination, to determine any abnormal alignment and motion patterns, and how this is detrimentally affecting the central and peripheral nerve systems and organ function.
  3. Any further imaging studies that may be necessary such as x-rays.



After the examination, if your doctor determines if you are a candidate for reconstructive or structural Chiropractic care, he will then arrange for your next visit, which is the Doctors Report.

The purpose of the Doctors Report is to review the findings from your consultation and examination. At the Doctors Report, the doctor will give a detailed overview of how structural Chiropractic works and the scientific evidence supporting the specialized work that we do. This will be done in a small group setting with other new patients. We know that there is tremendous power in you fully understanding your problem and how we will work with you to correct it.

After the report, your doctor will privately review the results of your examination and x-rays. He will outline a course of care, discussing how long it will take to correct your spine, how often you will need to come in for adjustments, and the financial investment for your care and correction. At that point you will be able to decide how you would like to proceed.

Want to Learn More? You’re invited to attend ANY of our weekly
Doctor’s Reports, every Tuesday night at 6:15pm!

Call (705) 735-1838 for more information or to reserve a seat.

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