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How did you find out about Chiropractic? Where would you be if your spine was never adjusted? Swallowing pills … having surgery? Fortunately, someone told you about Chiropractic. Likely, you’re glad they did.

Most people who come to see Chiropractors have already been told by other Doctors that “everything possible has already been done,” or that they should “learn to live with it,” however, someone who cared about them told them there was something else they could try.

This is the case for many of your family members, friends, or co-workers. Many people suffer from a reduced potential from spinal subluxations and nerve damage that a Chiropractor could easily correct. They’re trying to “live with it” but they would be far better off getting the cause of their problem corrected.

Many people who have never seen a Chiropractor don’t have the first idea what Chiropractic is about; or they may think it is something that it is not. They likely do not know what a subluxation is, much less the devastating effects it holds on their health and well-being. They might even have fear or apprehension about Chiropractic, which is the safest of all healing arts. If only they were aware that Chiropractic is the largest natural health-care profession in the world. There is good reason for that; Chiropractic works!

Become a health revolutionary! Turn someone you care about onto Chiropractic. Don’t keep a secret that may help them to finally awaken their health potential. After all, someone told you…

Many of our patients are so concerned that they are doing great and getting better, but their spouse is not.  We want to help – -book an appointment for your husband or wife between now and Valentine’s Day (2012) and it is free – that’s right – they’re out of excuses – Free.  We’ll do the rest!

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Dr. Brad Norman

Dr. Brad Norman, D.C., is a seasoned chiropractic practitioner and the insightful voice behind New Life Chiropractor's blog. With a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Western University, Dr. Norman combines deep expertise with a passion for holistic wellness. Proudly serving the community since 2002, Dr. Norman and the New Life Chiropractic clinic continue to be beacons of health and education for their patients, guiding them to a more vibrant and pain-free life.

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