Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Injuries in Barrie

Over the years we have seen nearly countless injuries and problems in our practice. One of the simplest, but most frustrating injuries is in the shoulder – the rotator cuff. So if you’ve been there or are there now – this is for you! It is often called tendonitis (tendon is inflamed) or bursitis (the bursa/cushion is inflamed) by the medical profession. Both terms are quite accurate, but unfortunately only describe that those structures are swollen. They lack any detail as to why they are swollen or what the cause of the problem is. Which unfortunately is a great excuse to prescribe drugs. Ie. You have inflammation, therefore you must need an anti-inflammatory!

Side Note

Anti-inflammatories come with significant risk. Does anyone remember Vioxx? In the United States alone there was a class action lawsuit from the families of 100,000 people who died from taking the drug. It was banned and billions of dollars were paid out to the families, but it didn’t bring the victims back. And what you won’t have heard is that there are several drugs still on the market that are just like Vioxx. Celebrix and Mobicox, for example have the exact same action. They are all called Cox 2 inhibitors!

This Picture:

Follow me for a moment while I describe what you are seeing. This is the front of the right shoulder. Wide bands of muscle are come off of the inside of the shoulder blade and a small arrow points to a smaller band of muscle (the supraspinatus) that attaches into the top of the arm bone (humerus). These are 2 of the 4 rotator cuff muscles. This supraspinatus passes under a bridge of bone formed by the collar bone and bone that protrudes up and forward from the shoulder blade (big arrow). The supraspinatus has a limited amount of space to function and perform its job within.

Under normal circumstances there is never any problem... “I’ve never had a problem with my shoulder until I slept on it funny” (thousands upon thousands of movements and positions that are taken for granted, until something isn’t right!) A small injury to the rotator cuff causes swelling of the tendon and bursa and all of a sudden there is no extra room for the supraspinatus and it pinches every time you lift your arm and especially when you sleep. I have observed that a defining character of someone who suffers a rotator cuff injury is that they look tired – if you have ever suffered from this you will know what I mean (there is no good position to sleep without pain!)

Why does it get injured?

Rarely there will be a sports or work situation that injuries the shoulder, but almost always it comes on quietly – slept funny, reached for something, did my normal workout, etc. The rotator cuff is made up of 4 tiny muscles that balance and hold the humerus in the center of the shoulder socket. Their movement and coordination requires precision. They are working against much bigger, more powerful muscles that move your arm (chest, shoulder and back muscles). What does the rotator cuff require for precise movement? Precise signals coming from the brain. So here is the mechanism of injury from start to finish:

subluxation of the cervical spine → imprecise signals to the rotator cuff → abnormal shoulder movement → pinching of the supraspinatus tendon → rotator cuff injury

GOOD NEWS! Correct the spinal subluxation with specific scientific corrective chiropractic care, the power flows, the tiny rotator cuff muscles move accurately again, and the rotator cuff and the person heals!

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