Life and Health Come From Within


Life and Health Come From Within

Did you ever wonder why some people stay remarkably healthy and live long productive lives while others fall prey to one sickness after another? Why do some people have miraculous cures and healings from serious and even life-threatening conditions while others don’t fare so well? How can this be? Bad luck? Good Luck?

There must be something more. Read on…

Where does the magic behind health and healing come from? Many people in our society are duped into believing that health comes from a pill or a bottle. If this were true, we would be the healthiest people in the world. But, with all our latest miracle drugs, high-tech hospitals and tests, Canada and the U.S. are some of the sickest countries in the world.

Where are we going wrong? For starters, we’ve been looking for health in all the wrong places.Where does Health come from?Health is the natural state of our body. Everything we need to get healthy and stay healthy is inside of us. Of course we need food, water and oxygen, but true health comes from Inside of us. It’s an Inside job. Looking for the answers to health and healing from outside the body is the reason why we have a sick society.

How do we unlock the Healing Powers within us?There is one system in our body which controls all others…The Brain and Nerve System!It controls the beating of your heart, your breathing, your digestion and even your immune system. This is where healing comes from. When the nervous system is healthy every part of you body will get 100% life force to control our every function and healing.

What interferes with it?When your spine is subluxated, misaligned spinal bones shut off the nerve impulses that control all our vital systems. This causes malfunction and this is where our health starts to break down.

Turn on your Life Force!  Chiropractors correct the subluxation so the life force can travel from the brain to all parts of the body. This allows us to function and heal at 100%. True Health comes from inside of you.