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The Most Common Injuries After a Car Accident


If you’ve been living with some of the most common injuries after a car accident, you’ll
want to see a chiropractor specializing in auto accident injuries in Barrie ASAP.

Bottom Line:
Whether you are just driving to work or taking a big family vacation, an unexpected car accident can
cause painful injuries that impact you for months and years to come.
The weight of your vehicle combined with motion and speed can create a tremendous amount of force.
Even low-speed collisions can generate enough force to cause significant injury.
Whatever the details, one thing remains true…
That force gets transferred directly to your body!
If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, the first thing you should do is make an appointment with a
chiropractor specializing in auto accident injuries in Barrie.
The violent forces that occur during an auto accident can cause damage to your spinal discs, ligaments,
tendons, and bones-even at “low” speeds.
Most common injuries after a car accident happen because your head is whipped backward and forward
very quickly.
This rapid back and forth motion frequently results in ligament tearing and spinal disc injuries.
Symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, confusion, and even depression may indicate that
you’ve suffered a whiplash injury.

Why it Matters:
You may be surprised to learn that shoulder injuries are some of the most common injuries after a car
accident in addition to whiplash.
Your shoulder is one of the most complex parts of your body and is made up of a collection of bones,
ligaments, tendons, and muscles.
If you are the driver and have your hands on the wheel at the time of the crash, the sudden force created
by the accident can lead to a torn rotator cuff.
Seat belt related injuries are also some of the most common injuries after a car accident.
Your seat belt can irritate impingement syndromes in the shoulder and contribute to other spinal injuries.

That said, remember this.
Seat belts save millions of lives each year and should absolutely be used every time you enter a vehicle.
In addition to head and shoulder injuries, a sudden stop or change in direction during an accident can
also place a tremendous force on your chest.
What’s more, since your arms and legs are more than likely unsecured, they can strike the interior of your
car, causing additional injuries.
To recap, here are a few of the most common reasons we recommend you see a chiropractor specializing
in auto accident injuries in Barrie after any collision accident.
● Head Injuries: Striking your head against the steering wheel, dashboard, or window can result in
a severe head injury such as a concussion (which is considered a mild traumatic brain injury).
● Spinal Injuries: The forces that occur during a car accident can cause spinal injuries like
instability, whiplash, or herniated discs.
● Arm or Leg Injuries: Injuries to your shoulders (if you’re holding the wheel) or your knees (if they
hit the door or dashboard) are very common after a car accident.

Next Steps:
Ignoring any injury, whether it’s on our list of the most common injuries after a car accident or not, is not a
good idea.
If you’re in a car accident, no matter how minor, it’s important to get evaluated.
Taking the right action steps as quickly as possible can make a huge difference in your overall well-being
and healing.
In fact, the injuries sustained in most accidents can be treated conservatively, and many don’t require
Research has shown chiropractic care to be very effective at treating injuries like neck and back pain,
headaches, whiplash injuries, and extremity issues.
If you’re searching for a chiropractor specializing in auto accident injuries in Barrie, know that our doors are open and our expert team is here to help, right now.
We’re focused on relieving pain, restoring mobility, and supporting long-term healing, and we specialize in
treating most all of the common injuries after a car accident.
A complete evaluation is how we determine the extent of your injuries and begin your journey towards
What’s more, our practice’s evaluation process and assessment tools can help us fully document your
injuries for your records, your medical doctor’s records, your insurance providers records, and, when
needed, your attorney’s records.
Then with a combination of conservative treatments designed specifically for you, we can help you find
relief as quickly, safely, and naturally as possible.

Science Source:
The Impact of Musculoskeletal Injuries Sustained in Traffic Crashes. BMC. 2018

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