Weight Loss Workshop is This Week! (June 8th)

If you are unsure about what you are eating and/or why there is more of you than you want there to be, then come to our Weight Loss Workshop Thursday to hear cutting edge wisdom.  You will take home healthy and real steps and strategies that will change you for a lifetime!

Chiropractic keeps the lifeline (spinal cord) between your brain and the rest of your body wide open so that your body has that awesome capacity to heal.  But what are you pouring into your own temple to nourish all of the 100,000,000,000,000 cells that make up your body?

For many it is trans fats, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetic modification…and the list goes on and on.  How can our bodies possibly head towards 100% health with all these pollutants entering into us?  THERE’S NO WAY!

GET ADJUSTED, LOSS WEIGHT? “I had to leave the cleaning industry due to my back throwing out, and my weight being 220 pounds.  It was too much to work and handle the pain.  After a few short months of seeing Dr. Brad at New Life I have lost 34 pounds, my back has not thrown out since day one of coming to New Life and I now have 12 clients that I clean for.  I owe my success to New Life and most of all, I owe my health to New Life.  I feel like a million bucks and I look forward to coming to New Life every chance I get!” Charlene

Options, choices, decisions – moment to moment we are faced with what to put into our mouths and what not to.  Totally worthless foods are getting a “natural” makeover these days.  Many of the changes are useless and even ridiculous, but they are enough of an excuse for many people to continue eating junk because they can claim it is “healthy”.   If you put junk in, you get junk out, meaning that if you put junk into your body, you will have low energy, and poor strength, agility, focus and endurance.

The purpose of our Weight Loss workshop is not to push you into some fancy pill, supplement or dietary regime or scheme that will have you drop 40lbs in 4 weeks.  It is about making changes that will help you shed the extra and are sustainable over a lifetime.  They will not only help you improve and optimize your weight, but will give health, vitality and energy to burn.

You can find and afford healthier foods – even on a budget (local foods don’t have to travel, so they tend to be cheaper), if you know where to look (right here in Barrie!)  One of the best ways to optimize your health and live longer is to spend some serious time in the kitchen preparing your own food.

Reserve your space at our Weight Loss Workshop – Thursday, June 8th at 6:15pm.  Space is limited, so only book a seat if your ready to go after your health!

God Bless,

Dr. Brad, Dr. Paul and the New Life Team

Dr. Brad Norman

Dr. Brad Norman

Dr. Brad Norman, D.C., is a seasoned chiropractic practitioner and the insightful voice behind New Life Chiropractor's blog. With a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Western University, Dr. Norman combines deep expertise with a passion for holistic wellness. Proudly serving the community since 2002, Dr. Norman and the New Life Chiropractic clinic continue to be beacons of health and education for their patients, guiding them to a more vibrant and pain-free life.